Mayaglot is a website focused on ideas and developments in modern Mayan language, education, and culture.  “Mayaglot” is also the publishing imprint for a series of books and other language education and reference materials aimed at promoting literacy, foreign language learning, and language development in Mayan language communities.

I am interested in how the Mayan language communities of today are adapting their languages to the modern world. A primary motivation of this site is to promote progress and enrichment through language learning.  As a convenience and to make them more accessible, links to additional resources including language books, dictionaries and other educational materials for all modern Mayan languages will be added over time.

Maybe you have some thoughts on what might be interesting and useful for anyone who follows this site. Thoughtful contributions and the participation of people with affiliated interests are welcome, whether they are academic or amateur in nature. Inquiries and submissions can be sent by email to

Jeffrey B Frazier