Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed is the largest traveling exhibition about the Maya ever to be toured in the United States.  Maya uses a combination of authentic artifacts along with multimedia and interactive, hands-on activities to reveal our deep ties to this astonishing civilization.

“The Witte is breaking the mold with the Mays Family Center, and it is only fitting to have this world-class exhibition open San Antonio’s new cultural gem,” says Marise McDermott, President and CEO of the Witte Museum. “Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed beautifully represents the impact the Maya had on the world we live in today. The exhibition is immersive, so that entire families can experience the way Mayans lived, learning their calendars, mathematics, and cosmology through interactive opportunities. The exhibition is massive, the largest ever at the Witte, so we recommend scheduling a longer than average time to enjoy the exhibition, demonstrations and programs.”

Exhibition Highlights

  • 230 artifacts
  • 27 unique interactives
  • 7 different environments
  • In English and Spanish

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