Included in some of the entries in the Q’eqchi’ to English section are notes on linguistic borrowing taken from the Q’eqchi’ loanword database compiled by Søren Wichmann and Kerry Hull. The World Loanword Database (WOLD) is the result of a collaborative effort called the Loanword Typology Project (LWT) coordinated by Uri Tadmor and Martin Haspelmath between 2004 and 2008. As of 2015 the results of this project reside on the World Wide Web at: http://wold.livingsources. org/.

The list of 1,460 meanings on which the vocabularies represented in the WOLD project are based is called the Loanword Typology meaning list, which was in turn based on the list of the Intercontinental Dictionary Series. The Q’eqchi’ database constitutes 1,995 Q’eqchi’/English word pairs which were analyzed by Wichman and Hull for evidence of borrowing from other languages (European and Mesoamerican).  I have included their conclusions on borrowing and donor language as a note to these entries using the numbers of their classification scheme:

(1)  Clearly borrowed

(2)  Probably borrowed

(3)  Perhaps borrowed

(4)  Very little evidence for borrowing

(5)  No evidence for borrowing

Many other entries in Section II contain notes on Spanish loanwords which are not a part of the World Loan Word Database—these notes are my own.

In addition to the WOLD notations, I have adapted information on Q’eqchi’ surnames from Burkitt’s Notes on the Keckchi’ Language and made notes on the likely or possible origin of Q’eqchi’ surnames using the following scheme:

(B1)  Clearly borrowed

(B3)  Perhaps borrowed