Mayaglot is a weblog devoted to ideas and developments in modern Mayan language, education, and culture. I am interested in how the Mayan linguistic communities of today are adapting their languages to the modern world. I have a particular interest in the Q’eqchi’ Mayan linguistic community since that is the one with which I am most familiar, but reflections on developments in other other Mayan languages are also welcome.

I plan to post occasionally based on my own readings and research and welcome thoughtful contributions and the participation of people with affiliated interests, whether they be academic or amateur in nature.

View and download the following file with formal greetings in 20 different languages from the Mayan family (including Spanish and English translations):

Formal greetings in 20 Mayan languages

Maltyox, Matyox, Chjonta, B’antyox, Dyos Bo’otik!